Pencak Silat Anak Harimau Brisbane

Our sister Organisation in Australia.


Pencak Silat Verband Österreich (Austrian Pencak Silat federation)

Many thanks to Günther and Maria Ertl for their many efforts for Pencak Silat in Austria.

Martial Arts Institute Aliran Bersatu

Cross Training of different Pencak Silat styles in Laxenburg headed by A. Stegbauer.

Pencak Silat Tapak Suci

Pencak Silat Tapak Suci in Mödling headed by K. Paci.

Pencak Silat Senftenberg

Pencak Silat in Senftenberg near Krems.

Pencak Silat Seni Gayung Fatani Vienna

Pencak Silat in Vienna headed by E. Linhart

Pandeka Mihar G=Sentak

We thank Pandeka Mihar for a long time of studies and intense training. He brought us on our way and gave us a good basis. We wish him great success.

Silat Harimau Betina

Harimau Betina is a style of Pencak Silat specially developed for women and girls. There is a close cooperation with Silat Harimau Betina.


Pak Edwel Yuri Datuk Rajo Gampo Alam

The website of Pak Edwel shows pictures and videos of the traditional style Silek Harimau Minangkabau, which he is teaching in Jakarta.


Pajajaran and Panglipur Groningen

Thanks to Frans Veetmann und Leo Lindemann for valuable inputs and support. We hope for future intensivation of these contacts.

Silek Tuo Pusako Minang Amsterdam

Traditional Silek Tuo in Amsterdam.


MeMo: Meridian Moves

Anak-Harimau has a very good cooperation with "MeMo: Meridian Moves" - Shiatsu, Consulting, Meridian Training, Workshops and Seminars in Weinviertel, Lower Austria.