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Presentation at the 10th Cultural Festival “Asien in Wien”

The organisation "Asiatische Gemeinschaft in Wien" celebrated its 10th cultural Festival on October 7th, 2017 with a focus on "Cambodia". The Festival showed presentations of traditional songs, dances and martial arts of diverse Asian countries, as well as oral presentations and traditional local cuisine. Anak Harimau was contributing with a presentation of Pencak Silat for…
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Training with an Indonesian Grandmaster

From September 24th until 30th the Indonesian Grandmaster Pak Haji Syofian Nadar from Sumatra is guest of Anak Harimau in Austria and will teach his traditional styles - a unique opportunity to learn the authentic roots of this ancient martial art. Training will take place at the following times and places: 24th und 25th -…
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